Wonder Wheel

Wonder Wheel (2017). Written & Directed by the great Woody Allen


Ginny (the British whale): “When it comes to love we all turn out to be our own worst enemy”

Woody Allen is such a genius! At age 82 he continues giving us art, art, and art. His films continue being brilliant, and making us think, feel, smile, and cry. And that’s something for which I will always be thankful to him.

Wonder Wheel is just another jewel of his. The music is beautiful and nostalgic, and the cinematography (Vittorio Storaro: the 3 Oscar-winner cinematographer of Apocalypse Now, Reds, and The Last Emperor –who previously worked with Woody Allen in Café Society) is absolutely brilliant: super long shots, 50-ish colors, big close ups, and a very special light. The story of the film and the feelings of the characters are really well written, and Juno Temple’s and Jim Belushi’s performances are absolutely amazing. I will not say a word about the British whale who, opportunistically and moronically, stabbed Woody in the back. With a taste of Radio Days, A Streetcar Named Desire, and Match Point, Wonder Wheel appears like a jewel in the middle of this cinema age of superhero millionaire productions full of espectacular special effects but empty.

Wonder Wheel is a drama. Nevertheless, there is also a bit of humor inside the catastrophe (that refine humor that Woody Allen knows to tell so well): the son, the fires, the post-session with the psychiatrist…

I was very surprised that neither Juno Temple nor Jim Belushi got a Golden Globe nomination for their stunning performance, and that Vittorio Storaro and Woody Allen hardly got any nomination. Oh, well, all these awards are really stupid… Let’s see if the Oscars will be more fair, although I really doubt it…

Go see Wonder Wheel today and enjoy this cute masterpiece!

The best: Woody’s writing, the cinematography, the music, Juno & Jim’s stunning performances, Caroline and Ginny’s blue light scene, and the phone call scene.

The worst: the British whale who, opportunistically and moronically, stabbed Woody in the back. Poor her! She’ll be forgotten very soon! Woody, on the contrary, will be remembered by his amazing art until the end of times.


dalit-antonia-joker-2016 Antonia Tejeda Barros, Madrid, December 24, 2017