Amor de madre: Love Gets a Room (Soundtrack, DVD & Blu-ray –limited edition!)

Love Gets a Room (Soundtrack, DVD & Blu-ray –limited edition!) © Antonia Tejeda Barros
Antonia Tejeda Barros, 
Madrid, June 2, 2022 

Love Gets a Room: The Soundtrack

The soundtrack of Love Gets a Room is out! A beautiful and exquisite CD with the original lyrics (translated into English) from the songs of Jerzy Jurandot’s play Miłość szuka mieszkania (a musical comedy which was performed at the Femina Theatre in the Warsaw ghetto in 1941/42) and also with lyrics by Rodrigo Cortés, and with music by Víctor Reyes and Rodrigo Cortés.

Released by Quartet Records. Limited edition. Beautifully performed by the Chamber Orchestra of London (Alastair King, Laura Samuel), and with Juan Luis Royo, Toni Mateos, Juan Cerro, Celia Vergara and Toni Menguiano, and gorgeously sung by Clara Rugaard, Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, Mark Ryder, Valentina Bellè, Henry Goodman, and our wonderful little Dalit Streett Tejeda. Marvellous, raw, fresh, stunning, and breathtaking. Bravo to all.

Antonia Tejeda Barros, Madrid, December 10, 2021

Only One Day Left for Love Gets a Room! December 3 Only in Theatres!

Antonia Tejeda Barros, Madrid, December 2, 2021

¡Pasado mañana se estrena Love Gets a Room! Exclusivamente en cines el 3 de diciembre

Antonia Tejeda Barros, 
Madrid, 1 de diciembre de 2021

Love Gets a Room (2021). Dir. Rodrigo Cortés

Love Gets a Room is a masterpiece about love, art, antisemitism, bravery, generosity, and beauty. A jewel that will make you weep, laugh, sing, and cry. Written by Rodrigo Cortés & David Safier and directed by Rodrigo, the movie is set at the Warsaw ghetto in January 1942 (six months before the deportations to the extermination camps, mainly Treblinka –Große Aktion).

Love Gets a Room includes a play inside the movie: excerpts (originally written in Polish, translated into English) of Jerzy Jurandot’s play Miłość szuka mieszkania, which premiered at the Femina Theatre in the Warsaw ghetto either on October 29, 1941 (according to Holocaust survivor Mary Berg, see The Diary of Mary Berg. Growing Up in the Warsaw Ghetto, pp. 101–102) or on January 16, 1942 (see Barbara Engelking & Jacek Leociak, The Warsaw Ghetto: A Guide to the Perished City).

The cinematography (Rafael García) of Love Gets A Room and the music (Víctor Reyes) will take your breath away. The cast is absolutely superb: Clara Rugaard, Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, Henry Goodman, Anastasia Hille, Valentina Bellè, Mark Ryder, Freya Parks, Jack Roth, Magnus Krepper and our beautiful, amazing and talented Dalit as little Sarah. Bravo to all!

Love Gets a Room is a homage to the power of art, to all the victims who perished in the Holocaust, to bravery and to love.


Antonia Tejeda Barros, Madrid, November 13, 2021

El buen patrón

El buen patrón (2021). Escrita y dirigida por Fernando León de Aranoa

El buen patrón es una tragicomedia sarcástica, exquisita, feroz y humana que habla sobre el poder, el trabajo, la sumisión, la infidelidad, la dignidad, las relaciones humanas, la injusticia y el equilibrio. Brillantemente escrita y dirigida por el genial Fernando León de Aranoa, con una interpretación magistral del titán camaleónico Javier Bardem, un reparto de lujo y excelente música de Zeltia Montes, El buen patrón hace reír, llorar y reflexionar sobre el equilibrio y desequilibrio de la vida laboral, el matrimonio, el desengaño, la amistad y el poder. 10/10.

Antonia Tejeda Barros, 
Madrid, 14 de octubre de 2021

¡Hoy se estrena en San Sebastián El buen patrón!

El arte, la genialidad, la crítica, el ingenio, el talento y el humor de Fernando León de Aranoa llegan hoy al Festival de San Sebastián con El buen patrón.

Podremos ver al camaleónico Javier, al gran Celso, a Óscar, a Rafa, a Almudena, a Manolo, a Sonia, a Mara, a Fernando, a Tarik, a Nico y a la preciosa y talentosa Dalit.

El buen patrón llega a todos los cines españoles el 15 de octubre.

¡Gracias por tu maravilloso arte, Fernando!

Antonia Tejeda Barros, 
Madrid, 21 de septiembre de 2021

El buen patrón (Tráiler Oficial)

¡El buen patrón llega a las pantallas de nuestros cines españoles el 15 de octubre de 2021!

La brillante tragicomedia (satírica, mordaz, genial, poética e ingeniosa, como todo el cine de Fernando León de Aranoa) competirá por la Concha de Oro en el Festival de San Sebastián.

Bravo, Fernando. Bravo, Javier. Bravo, Celso. Bravo, Óscar. ¡Y un súper bravo para el simpático Nico y la maravillosa, guapísima y súper talentosa Dalit!

And for my English speaking friends, here’s the trailer in Spanish with English subtitles. Enjoy!

¡Gracias por tu arte, Fernando!

Antonia Tejeda Barros, 
Madrid, 31 de julio 2021

Rifkin’s Festival: A homage to cinema and existentialism. Nobody makes movies like Woody any more!

Rifkin’s Festival is a masterpiece!

A homage to cinema and existentialism. So so so beautiful! And meaningful! (even if Woody wouldn’t agree). Nobody makes movies like Woody any more.

This movie really touched my heart: it moved me, it made me laugh and it made me think about life, love, and death. I got my dosis of philosophy and art for a year!

Rifkin’s Festival is a real gem. One of Woody’s best films! Poetic, philosophical, magical, funny, sad, delightful, entertaining, and magnificent. A marvellous script, a spectacular cast, an exquisite cinematography, and wonderful music. Delicious and indispensable!

The movie is so incredibly good and it says so much that I really hope it is not Woody’s last film.

Bravo, Woody! Thank you so much for your art! Please, keep creating!

10 / 10

Antonia Tejeda Barros, Madrid, October 2, 2020